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AI-driven CRM
Manage multiple Gmail
Scalable lead delivery.

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Our Solution

We aim to leverage both
Cutting-edge AI technology + scalable human resources
to gain an unfair advantage in
Instantly connecting + responding to leads.

Powerful Workflow

  • Automate lead assignment using advanced algorithms, considering segmentation criteria or round-robin.
  • Customize pipelines with Gmail Integration for Sales, Customer Support, Human resource etc.
  • AI-Powered sentiment analysis and lead scoring
  • Team performance report (message sent, response time, sales volume, etc.)

Real Time Customer Communication Hub

Tag and achieve every message, route to the right team, assign for clear ownership, resolve fast and effectively

Scalable Human Resources

  • Available 24/7 with Round Robin Strategy
  • English Proficiency at Ielts 6.0
  • Skilled in customer support and customer sourcing through training
  • Strong foundation in finance, marketing, business

Generative AI

  • Sentimental analysis
  • Sales score prediction

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What others are saying

Nutsales brings me up to speed with all customers. I used Nutsales software along with support from the Nut army customer support team. My work became much smoother
Steven Pham
Steven Pham
Woofy Club
I use Nutsale for my sales team. It changes the entire team process. We like being able to communicate with each other before responding to customers. After Nutsale, all customers feel happier and more satisfied.
Josh Hong
Josh Hong
Use Nutsales to easily know what your next step is to serve your customers (everything is very clear in Pipeline). All in one product. It keeps our workflow smooth and never misses any customer request
Anh Duong
Anh Duong
A Good Day