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We are leaders in Sales/Customer Support Automation market

Nutsales, as a leading innovator in sales automation space, likely offers a suite of tools and services that help sales teams automate their sales processes, convert more leads into customers, and streamline appointment scheduling. Our expert teams have six years of experience in sales automation with more than 30000 customers, 130 countries, and 600 cities worldwide... and we still keep delivering the WOW experience for the global.
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Prior to Nutsales, Duke is CEO of Linked Booster. He loves solving sales automation problem and deliver the best solutions to the world “.
Duke Vu
Graduated from HUST (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), a top school in the country of Engineering & Technology. Dung thus has extensive expertise creating and maintaining the Website system. Dung has "nuts" pouring through every cell of his body and is always seeking for new experiences. He enjoys reading new books, listening to new music, traveling, and doing things he has never done before.
Dung Vu
Hai Le is a seasoned AI advisor with a strong background in software engineering and technology innovation. With a passion for driving business growth and enhancing user experiences. His collaborative approach and strong communication skills make him a valuable team partner, always willing to share his knowledge and contribute to impactful projects in Meta and CVS Health. With a dedication to excellence and continuous learning, Hai is a innovative leader in the field of AI.
Hai Le