9 Tips to Turn a Lead into a Sale
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Collecting leads, and turning leads into meetings means nothing if you can not turn them into buyers. How converting leads into sales is where the true success lies for any company. It can be challenging, but not with the right approach and techniques. To help you better understand this process, in this blog, we will give you several point tips that are key to success.

What is lead conversion?

Definition: Lead conversion is the process of turning prospective customers into actual paying customers.


For example, in October, you generated 100 leads and 29 of them purchased your product. It means the lead conversion rate for October is 29%. The formula is: (The total conversions/ The total leads) * 100

So, how to grow the rate of conversion? The marketing and sales team are the key to this process. They take an important role: contact, nurture and push the leads into purchase mode. Do you wonder about it? Congrats. You are on the right track. Here are NINE tips that can help you with all.

Visuals attraction

In some research, images, graphics, and videos are found more attractive to people than words. That’s why you should build your website smartly to ensure the knowledge information can go well with the most effective visual way to catch their attention.


"We do not just build websites. We build websites that sell" (Dr Christopher Dayadag).

The way you use colour, fonts and other elements in aesthetics tells much about it. In contrast, an unpleasing design can bring your potential leads far away.


In short, visual attractions include these benefits:

  • Attract attention
  • Create a good first impression
  • Grow their interest
  • Build the first step of a close relationship connection
  • Keep visitors on the website longer

Know the potential


To push a large number of leads into customers, you have to know the potential leads. You can only tailor your leads' needs if you know them. Make sure to understand them, build their trust, catch up with their needs and give them the best solutions at the right time, and they are more likely to purchase your product. Determine the potential of a lead through lead scoring, create great educational content and FAQs and so on.

There are some tips to help you to acknowledge whether they are potential leads:

  • They uncover all their contact information
  • Know their thoughts about the problem they need your product to solve. Classify them into four groups: Awareness - Educated - Considerate - Decision. The one who is in the “Decision group” is an example of a potential lead.
  • The leads have so much interest in your product.

Offer discounts

Despite spending the original price for the new product, everyone would be pleased to try it out for free and willing to pay a lower price to have it in hand.

Always good to have freebie gifts, discounts or special deals on some events. The way offers work is to pique their interest, encourage them to find out more about your product and help increase the proportion of converting leads to sales success.


One tip for your “offer discounts” is customers tend to purchase more if it is written in percentages. For example, instead of saying $10 off, say discount 10%. $10 off seems not as valuable as 10% off though they are the same.

In our statistics, the maximum is using specials offer before deciding to become your buyers. Offering discounts is a highlighted tip for any business.

Get contact information

Besides Gmail, you should have their other contact information to give them a better support experience. Even though Gmail is the most communicational channel for business, phone numbers and Linkedin are way good. Some strategies for getting leads’ contact information include using lead capture forms, attending events, using social media, etc.


Remember, it is important to ensure that you have the necessary permissions and comply with relevant data protection laws when collecting leads’ contact information. And do not forget to make sure to provide value to your lead throughout the process to build trust and increase the likelihood of a sale.


Following up with the leads ASAP is an effective way to turn leads into sales. It shows that you are interested in their business and care about them. Unfortunately, most B2B companies fail to follow up on all of their leads.

The problem is time. To keep it does not happen, you have to support your leads promptly and keep your business top of their mind.


Remember to take care of them a few days after the first action. And offer to answer all their wonderings.

A well-executed follow-up can increase the percentage of your leads who purchase your product.

Create an effective FAQs page

Sometimes, you can not turn leads into sales cause the lack of instantiate. To avoid that case, you need to create an effective FAQs page. Make sure it includes common questions and answers they need. Remember, a good FAQs section is a great way to improve customer service strategy. Here are some steps to follow when creating a useful FAQs page:

  • Identify common questions
  • Organize questions into categories
  • Write clear answers
  • Use a conversational tone
  • Include relevant links and resources
  • Update regularly

What is the benefit of having an effective FAQs page? First, of course, help your leads with their hard. Second, help you and your team save time answering the same questions over and over again. And the most important one is can make your leads' experience better, and you can even level it when your site support “live chat” on the page.

Furthermore, creating great educational content related to your product will be a plus point, helping your leads grow more trust, and also improve your site visibility on Google.

Lead scoring

It is important to segregate your leads. You can assign scores to leads based on factors such as their level of engagement with your website, their answer speed to your marketing emails, etc.


For potential leads, you can spend more time to support to focus on increasing the success rate. For those who do not, keep sending them promotional emails and follow up on their moves.

By scoring your leads, you can turn leads into sales not only one but more of your products.

Ask for the sale

If they are your potential leads, they are interested in your products. Ask for the sale!!!

Reaching out through Gmail, phone or other social media. Showing them your excellent assistance, do not push them to answer yes. Instead, listen to all their concerns, take notes, giving them better solutions.

So, the key is to be confident, knowledgeable and well-prepared. This step requires a strategic approach. Understand your leads, and increase your deals.

Make the purchase process easy

One of the most important things is to make the purchase process easy. Do not let them wait and have time to rethink buying your product. The easier the purchase process, the more successful the sales process.


Offer a clear and simple checkout process, and provide a user-friendly online checkout form. Give multiple payment options, and make sure it is reliable and secure. You can also send them detailed support to make them feel well-treated.

In conclusion, “Turning a lead into a sale” means good support, effective communication, and well nurtured. Following the tips outlined in this blog, you will increase your potential leads, convert leads to sales and grow your business.

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