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The instant lead routing product is designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle incoming leads, providing a streamlined and automated approach that eliminates manual lead assignment and minimizes delays in follow-ups

Power qualification and distribution

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Early trigger data from Email/ your integrated CRM and prioritize routing with flexibility from Availability, Lead Score, Location and many more

AI empowered Data Analytics

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The process of labeling data with negative, neutral, or positive sentimentcan be automated using natural language processing (NLP) techniques,such as sentiment analysis algorithms, that can analyze the text of emails and determine the sentiment expressed in them. This labeled data can then be used to train machine learning models that can automatically categorize incoming emails based on their sentiment,helping customer service teams prioritize and respond to customer inquiries and feedback more effectively.

Import contacts from CSV/ other CRM

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Importing contacts from a CSV file or an integrated CRM can be a valuable process for.updating and expanding your contact database in your CRM or contact management system. It allows you to efficiently bring in contact data from external sources and leverage it for effective customer relationship management, marketing, and communication efforts.